Emily’s Story

Learning how to take advantage of all the features of Xero made life a breeze for Emily.

The situation

Emily’s Story

Emily contacted us for assistance with her brand new online apparel shop. She had set-up Xero on her own and had attempted to integrate her Shopify store with Xero. However, she encountered some hitches.

Looking through Emily’s Xero file, we quickly identified the issues. The bank balances in Xero did not match up with the bank statements. A number of sales invoices were shown as unpaid despite payments received via Apple Pay, Paypal or Stripe through the online store. Emily was sure that payments had been received and reconciled in Xero.

the solution

What We Did to Help

The red flag was that there were transactions listed as ‘user’ instead of ‘bank feed’ in Xero bank transactions. The audit trail was checked and errors that Emily had made when reconciling payments and receipts were quickly identified. It was also discovered that Shopify-Xero integration was incorrectly set-up. The errors were fixed, the bank balances matched up, there were no accounts receivables remaining in the file.

Xero Bookkeeping Specialists | Glint Accountants

“Being Xero certified advisors, Glint Accountants were able to identify the mistakes I made and rectify them quickly and efficiently in a cost-effective manner. They provided me with training and tips on how to use Xero. I am stoked that they made the process painless and easy for me. I am now confident about using Xero and can focus on growing my business.”